We are six schools widely spread across Europe. Two partners from the South of Europe: Spain and Portugal, two from the western part, England and Ireland and two more partners from the east, Poland and Estonia.

Here you have a short presentation made by the students about it. Each school wrote one of the other schools' profile. School's students had contact through internet the other school due to write a short presentations. 

Fundació Escola Mowgli


Fundació Escola Mowgli (Igualada, Catalonia) is semi private school that was born more than 50 years ago, on the initiative of a group of families who wanted a different school for their children. They are around 250 students from 1 to 12 year old and the staff is nearly 25 teachers and education professionals.

Education in values, emotional education, conflict resolution, health education and project learning are fundamental pillars in that school.

It's a homely school, with a cozy atmosphere. Students, teachers and families engage with exciting activities and motivation.

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Coalbrookdale Primary School 


The English school Coalbrookdale and Ironbridge Church of England Primary School is located in Telford, England. The city was named after Mr. Thomas Telford, who was the builder of the Ironbridge in 1779. The city was famous for parks and ice.skating rinks nowadays. The school has 100 years of history, with 220 students from 4 to 12 years old. There are 7 teachers managing 7 classes. The headteacher is Mrs. Blackburn. Students can participate in different kinds of after-school activities, such as cookery, football, running, basketball, karate and gymnastics.

Lasteaed Põngerjas 


Kindergarten Põngerjas is located in Narva, Estonia which is known as the land of islans, they are 2355. The country is also rich in nature reserves. The school is for children between the ages of 18 months to 7 years. They are taught in 10 different classes with 20 teachers who teach them. At the school, the children study Estonian, math, environment, music, PE, science and robotics. Children also have the opportunity to participate in after-school activities where they can learn dancing or Estonian and English, Robotics. The children are also able to participate in various sporting and robotic activities at local and national levels. 

Killury National School


Killury National School is located in Causeway Tralee Co Kerry , Kerry North. It is Primary School, the name of the Principal is Padraig Regan. 37 Boys and 34 Girls are studying in the school .

Colégio Guadalupe