Mowgli School in Igualada is working to introduce it's younger students to fields such as Robotics and Programming, which will play a pivotal role in the future. The proposal is part of the Let's Plug Day European program.

As part of the Erasmus + project, the Igualada center organizes the #letsplugday,a fair prepared by the students of primary and elementary school with different proposals on Robotics and Programming on Friday, 6th March2020 . These are workshops that will also seek to foster interest in the scientific vocation and possibilities in the fields of technology, engineering, art and mathematics. The timings are from 3pm to 5pm and it will have the collaboration of other European partners of the Erasmus + program.

The Fair is called Let'sPlug Day and participants will be two teachers from every partner organisation. They will display the activities that has been successfully implemented in their schools of origin. Catalan students from Mowgli's school will be pleased to host a group of students and teachers from others schools in Igualada.

This fair is very important for us because It's mobilities are integrated in the hosting school life. Fairs will take place during school period and we will enjoy getting as many participants from the hosting country.

The Fair will consist of exhibiting all the R & P work done by the students from the six school members. In the Fair, the hosting school will have to choose some students to be the reporters of the Fair. They will be in charge of taking pictures and making a brief summary of the experience. Our project stall will be there and it will be run by teachers from the visitors countries plus hosting teachers and pupils. A schedule will be agreed to make sure that the stall always has a broad representation of activities and project members.

Participants in this Fair will benefit in the following ways:

Visitor teachers and headteachers: will improve their team work skills by setting the Fair stall together. They will also have the challenge of showing some of the activities created during the project first year in an attractive way. Improving their communication skills by making interactive presentations of all the activities. They will also learn a lot from Catalan culture and education.

Students: The students attending this meeting will take an acitve part in the stall and also meet Catalan students, their culture and lifestyle.

Hosting school: Will have the opportunity of offering to their students an experience of being an active part at the Fair stall. They will be active members in the stall and they will show how to use and implement some of these T, P & R tools. Hosting school will also benefit from a direct interaction with teachers from other countries. Catalan school has also contacted with the Education department in town which have shown interest in the project and agreed already to participate in it and help with its dissemination.